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We have assembled here a list of some of the better-known ice hockey gear manufacturers. If we have missed a good one, please
let us know about it.

Azzali Andrea
Manufacturer of carbon and kevlar glass sticks.

Ballistik Hockey
Designs and manufactures composite hockey sticks, gloves and accessories.

Battram Custom Goal Equipment
Manufacturer of custom ice and inline goal equipment such as pads, catch and blocker gloves, and upper body.

Manufacturer of hockey equipment and apparel such as skates, helmet, gloves and protection.

Boni Goalie Trainers Inc.
Designers, builders and suppliers of puck shooting machines and accessories.

Brian's Custom Pro Manufacturing
Manufactures and distributes protective sport wear and equipment including goal masks, throat collars, blockers, arm and body protection, catch gloves, goal pads, accessories and casual wear.

Manufacturer of skates, protective equipment, stick, helmet, bags, goaler gear, figure skates and apparel.

Control Flex
Provides a strap surrounds entire foot by wrapping around the outside of the skate in a figure 8 pattern and then torques down.

Dom Sports
Manufacturing plastic floor hockey sticks, supersafe sticks, pucks, balls, nets, and ringette.

Easton Hockey
Manufacturer of skates, gloves, sticks, protective equipment, pants, bags, accessories and apparel.

Distributor of backyard ice rinks that holds the water. Canada.

Provides goals for ice hockey, roller hockey, street hockey, floor hockey, and soccer.

FinnStar Hockey
Provides hockey accessories such as bags, hat, t-shirt and video.

Flite Hockey
Provides a complete line of skates, goalie equipment, hockey gloves, pants, composite shafts, and accessories.

Fly Puck
An off-ice puck which enable players to practice their ice or roller hockey skills on any type of hard surface. Includes product description, store locator, testimonials, and contact details.

Glenn Miller Hockey
Manufactures a complete line of hockey equipment and accessories such as goal pads, pants and cups.

Graf Skates AG
Manufacturer of various types of skates.

Groupe Hockey
Canadian hockey distributors of goalie equipment, jerseys, skates, and accessories.

Hespeler Hockey Equipment
Products for players from juniors to professionals.

Manufacturer of hockey equipment that combine socks, garter and jock.

Itech Hockey
Manufacturer of a complete line of ice hockey products such as goaler equipment, facial protection, apparel, pants, sticks and gloves.

John Brown Custom Sporting Equipment
Manufacturer of complete line of goaltending equipment.

Koho Hockey
Manufacturer of hockey gear and equipment such as pads, replacement blades and face masks.

Marsh Pegs & Nets
Provides a goal anchoring system for ice hockey nets.

Mission Hockey
Provides equipment for ice and roller hockey such as blades, gear, pitch holder and sticks.

Mitchell Enterprises Custom Design Equipment
Manufactures a complete line of custom goal equipment such as goal pads, arm and chest protector, catchers and blockers.

Nexed Hockey
Provides ice hockey equipment such as skates, pants, girdles, bearings, gloves and bags.

Oggie Grip
Produces hockey stick grips.

Paul Thomson USA
Provides custom ice and roller hockey goalie equipment such as pads, catch gloves and blockers.

Prime Wheels
Manufacturer of roller hocker wheel, bearings, apparel and accessories.

Pro Guard Sports
Manufacturer apparel for hockey officials such as jerseys, shin guards, elbow and arm guards, pants and equipment bags.

ProForm Enterprises
Makes a hockey stick curver is used to produce custom curves in the blade of any hockey stick.

Sande Hockey
Makes hockey gloves, goal gear and accessories for mens, womens and kids.

Manufacturer of hockey stick, goalie sticks and equipment such as gloves and elbows pads.

Canadian manufacturer of hockey equipment for pro, amateur , and junior players. Pads, blockers, trappers.

Sportstape Athletic Products
Manufacturer of athletic trainers tape products.

Composite shafts and goalie masks using carbon, aramid dyneema and spectra and glass fiber.

Straps M.F.G.
Manufacturer of custom logo shin guard tape for custom design for rink and team.

TPS Hockey
Manufacturer of ice hockey players and goalies equipment, bags, apparel and accessories.

Vaughn Custom Sports
Provides goalie equipment for ice hockey such as pads, gloves, blockers and sticks.

Viper Hockey
Manufacturer of custom goal equipment such as pads, catchers and blockers.

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